Removal of impurities from the body is technically referred to as depuration. At the Hawaii Whole Person Healing Collective, we guide you through a process of increasing your body’s own innate ability to remove harmful toxic impurities.

We start with a modified Whole Person Healing Assessment to understand your unique biochemical makeup and to identify strengths and weaknesses in your biochemical detoxification system. For our depuration protocol, the initial assessment includes a screening for heavy metal and toxin exposure, and appropriate testing to determine the amount of toxins stored in the body.

Following this, a comprehensive, medically supervised nutritional program is outlined which includes a specialized diet, along with the use of high potency botanicals and nutriceuticals. The nutritional program has been scientifically designed to enhance Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the body’s metabolic detoxification process. At the same time, the elimination of the toxins from the body (Phase 3) is enhanced through a holistic and Integrative home therapy program.

The Depuration protocol is medically supervised, non invasive, all natural, and scientifically proven to rid the body of toxic impurities. It is appropriate for those needing expert advice in detoxification, or for those whose “cleansing” efforts have been complicated by persistent symptoms or chronic disease.