Integrative Medicine

In our practice of medicine, we artfully attempt to integrate the modern with the ancient, the scientific with spiritual, and the physical with the metaphysical.”

Dr. Chris

Integrative Medicine involves an approach that acknowledges the beauty, harmony, and complexity of the human being, as we represent a true living microcosm of the entire universe. In the beauty, harmony, and complexity of the Universe, there is always the simultaneous coexistence of seeming contradiction and bimodality. And so it is with our practice of medicine. Our brand of Integrative Medicine:

  • Weaves together both linear and non linear inductive reasoning.
  • Incorporates both “Western” and “non Western” medical philosophies.
  • Favors the use of high potency, naturally derived nutritional support products, called Nutraceuticals which work with the body’s innate physiology and encourage the body to regain to its own homeostasis.
  • Favors the use of plant derived compounds called Botanicals which exert wide ranging medicinal effects due to the subtle energetic synergy of their various phytochemical constituents, while affording generally lower side effect profiles compared to allopathic medicines.
  • Acknowledges in certain cases the need for modern pharmaceuticals, especially in the management of chronic and complex disease states.
  • Integrates Multiple Healing Modalities including Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine, Vibrational Healing, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, among others.