EDTA Chelation Therapy

The word chelate comes from the greek word chele which refers to the claws of a crab. Chelator molecules are molecules which are able to form claws or ring structures around heavy metals and other minerals. These molecules abound in nature, the most well known examples being the chlorophyll molecule and the hemoglobin molecule, which are chelator molecules for magnesium and iron atoms respectively.

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) is a synthetic amino acid chelator molecule which has the ability to attach itself to metals and minerals, binding them with strong affinity. Subsequent renal excretion allows these metals to be removed from the body. EDTA is FDA approved for the removal of toxic metals ions, such as lead. EDTA is also typically used for a variety of heavy metal toxicities, including aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Small case control studies, epidemiological data and observational studies suggest that EDTA may be beneficial in treating vascular disease as well, although conventional physicians and medical groups do not support the use of EDTA chelation treatment for vascular disease at this time, since to-date no large randomized controlled clinical trials have been performed addressing this question.

EDTA Chelation therapy is given in a series of intravenous infusions in the physician’s office. This therapy is combined with a Whole Person Healing Assessment, which outlines a comprehensive medical management program based on the principals of Functional , Integrative and Holistic medicine. Under current treatment protocols, EDTA Chelation therapy is safe and relatively free of side effects.

I received training as a Certified Chelation Therapist from the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, which is the leading medical society offering rigorous training in the technique. Please see the ACAM website for additional information on EDTA Chelation therapy.

Link: www.acam.org

If you feel that EDTA Chelation therapy may benefit you, please schedule a Whole Person Healing Assessment for a comprehensive evaluation of your health and your potential treatment options. You can follow the link below to schedule your appointment. Love and Aloha.

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