Whole Person Healing Assessment

A comprehensive Whole Person Healing Assessment is the foundation of my clinical practice. As the name implies, the Whole Person Healing Assessment consists of a comprehensive evaluation of mind, body and spirit, to evaluate the physical, psychological, and environmental inputs which determine the course of health or disease. The Whole Person Healing Assessment includes elements from a standard medical workup including systematic review of history, symptoms, medications, and past medical history. Then, in addition to the standard analysis, my assessment includes an analysis of the biochemical and biophysical individuality of each patient, using the latest in cutting edge diagnostic techniques.

I have listed below some of the laboratory and analytical components typically included in a Whole Person Healing Assessment . Testing, of course, is done on an as needed basis, and therefore may differ between patients. Additionally, the following is only a partial list of the testing that may be available, as new diagnostic laboratory techniques are constantly being researched and developed:

  • Complete Nutritional Profile
  • Fatty Acid Profiling
  • Serum, urine, or cellular vitamin and mineral levels
  • Tests for Oxidative Stress
  • Urinary organic acid profile
  • Serum lipid peroxides, etc
  • Tests for Metabolic Toxins
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Organic Solvents
  • Tests for Physiological Functional Status
  • Biochemical Individuality of the Detoxification System,
  • Biochemical Individuality of Metabolic Pathways
  • Tests for Immune System Function
  • Mitochondrial Energy System Function
  • Comprehensive Digestive Analysis
  • Intestinal permeability testing
  • Food and environmental Allergy Testing
  • Tests for Hormonal Balance
  • Infectious Disease Analysis
  • Gut Flora
  • Parasite Testing
  • Chronic Viral Infection
  • Chronic Bacterial Infection

Following a Whole Person Healing Assessment, a Comprehensive Health Optimization Plan will be outlined and given to you. This plan is designed to give you all the information you need to optimize your health in one overall summary.

In total, a Whole Person Healing Assessment and your customized Health Optimization Plan can help you achieve the following:

  • Alleviate persistent symptoms
  • More effectively managing your chronic illness
  • Answer difficult health questions
  • Increase vitality prevent disease through early understanding and intervention

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