Functional Medicine

Health can be understood physiologically as a level of vitality, not merely as the absence of disease.”

-Dr. Chris

In the Functional Medicine approach, we carefully examine the inner-workings or functioning of the body’s key systems. With this approach, we recognize that an altered physiological function may precede the actual expression of disease. Therefore, assessing this physiological function brings us one step closer to understanding the root causes of disease and allows an early assessment of disease causing mechanisms. In addition, by deeply understanding the body’s function, we can measure health as a level of vitality and not merely the absence of disease.

Functional Medicine allows the physician and patient to understand symptoms, even when a formal “disease” diagnosis may not be appropriate. We can use functional medicine to explain symptoms, and to explain a patient’s health status, even in the absence of clearly defined disease. How many times have patients with definite complaints seen a physician, who can only remark that, “we can’t find anything wrong with you”? With functional medicine, we look at physiology from a deeper level, giving us tools for understanding symptoms and early changes in health that conventional medicine usually ignores.

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