Fee Schedule


$200 initial consultation fee

  • Includes 1 hour initial consultation.
    • A thorough history and physical exam is included
    • Specialized testing and Whole Person Healing treatment plan is initiated
      • *Lab Testing fees not included in physician fee, many lab fees are covered by insurance.

1st follow up visit: usually 45 min.

  • Comprehensive Whole Person Healing Treatment Plan is outlined
  • $50 for up to 20 minutes then $2.50 per minute

Additional follow up visits

  • as needed routine follow up
  • Opportunity to address emergent issues.
  • $50 for up to 20 minutes then $2.50 per minute

The initial consultation establishes you as one of our patients and places you in the most appropriate treatment protocol.  My intention is to give a complete medical assessment and plan for one set, affordable price. One initial consultation and plan is designed to give you enough information to make long lasting changes to your health. After your initial consultation, you may feel that you have enough information and support to carry out the treatment plan on your own. In this case, you may follow up with our office as often as you wish. For patients with more severe symptoms, or more complex disease, more routine follow up and treatment visits may be necessary.

Laboratory analysis is not included in my clinical fees. I have researched a comprehensive list of laboratories and only use services that provide the highest quality and most cost effective service.  All laboratory tests are only recommended by the physician; it is the patient who makes the ultimate decision to carry out with laboratory testing.

Many of my treatments include botanical medicines, nutraceutical therapy, and IV nutrient therapy. Again, the cost of these treatments must be borne by the patient and are not included in my initial fees.

I am not contracted with any government or private insurance companies. Therefore, I cannot bill your medical insurance for my services. However, with private (non governmental) I can fill out a medical bill for you to submit to your own insurance agency. Many times patients can get reimbursed on their own for my services in this way, but you are responsible for handling your own reimbursement from your own insurance company.

I accept only cash and major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.