Anti-Aging Medicine Program

Anti-Aging medicine involves preserving the optimum functioning of the body into maturity and therefore preventing the occurrence of disease.

We start with the Whole Person Healing Assessment which examines the biochemical and biophysical signs of aging using the latest in cutting edge diagnostic techniques. Our evaluation factors in every detail, through the meticulous examination of physiologic function, environmental inputs, genetic and biochemical individuality, along with an assessment of the mental, emotional, and spiritual composition of every one of our patients. From the Anti-Aging Perspective, the Whole Person Healing Assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis
  • Early Assessment of Functional Physiology. We perform an early assessment of the body’s functional status and plan appropriate interventions before actual disease manifests. This may include:
    • Hormonal Status
    • Toxic Body Burden and Status of Detoxification System
    • Oxidant Body Burden and Status of Antioxidant System
    • Inflammation Body Burden and Status of Inflammation System
    • Energy Production System (Status of Mitochondrial Function)
    • Body Microbiological Ecology

Following Assessment, you’ll receive a Comprehensive Health Optimization Plan, in which Integrative, Holistic, and Preventive approaches are outlined, aimed at reversing the aging process, activating anti-aging genetic expression, and reversing chronic disease. Depending on each patient’s individual case, a comprehensive preventive and anti-aging care plan will be built that may incorporate the following elements: