What We Offer

  • Functional, Integrative, Preventive, and Holistic Family Medicine
  • A Healing Partnership between you and your physician as you work together through multiple healing modalities to achieve an optimal state of health.

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Optimize Your Health

“Health can be understood physiologically as a level of vitality, not merely as the absence of disease.” ~ Dr. Chris

At the Hawaii Whole Person Healing Collective, our basic service includes:

  • Whole Person Healing Assessment
  • Comprehensive Health Optimization Plan

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Specialized Medical Services

“My goal in treating complex, chronic disease is a rejuvenation of physiologic function, resulting eventually in some degree of disease reversal.” ~ Dr. Chris

We offer the following specialized medical services:

Anti-Aging Medicine Program

Detoxification Medicine Program

Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management Program

Natural Care Walk in Clinic